January Review

I’ve gotten a little behind on everything and I should probably be doing other work instead of this at the moment but classes have just started back up and I still haven’t shared what I did the last couple weeks of my break.

As I said before, my sister is my model on vacation. These first photos were on a cute watch tower on the beach and we took them in the evening thinking we could get better ones if we came back in the morning during the sunrise because the beach faced East. But when I came back in the morning during sunrise with my other sister and her friends there was a person sleeping on the tower so we opted for some simple beach pics.

more from vacation . . .

I didn’t really shoot after that until I got back to New York and made quick arrangements to do a photoshoot with Regina aka Gypsygina, a yoga instructor and founder of “Wander with Wellness,” a new health and wellness podcast for women of color.

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