This past Saturday I had made plans to meet up with one of my best friends because it was the last chance we had to see each other while we were home and she wanted some new pics which I was more than happy take. I also had a little shoot planned with another person I knew from home. I met up up with my friend Casie, my sister was with me too of course, and we decided what to do. Earlier she had been concerned about it being rainy to which I responded, “could be cute.” and it was. So because I never have a plan for anything we drove around looking for somewhere I thought would be cute and we ended up in a park that had a light layer of fog.

Then we had to go meet for the shoot and I never have any ideas and again don’t plan anything, which I really need to start doing, we went to a parking garage that I’d already been to twice that week. Who cares though, right? It still looked good. And we had fun, I hope. I had fun despite me letting everyone know I was cold every five minutes. I also constantly verbalize my uncertainty during shoots which probably doesn’t make models that confident in me. I think trying my best to direct everything else out of my mouth was that I was cold or that I didn’t have any other good ideas. But it was okay, and the pictures came out great! As long as I ave an idea it doesn’t have to be a good one.

After I had really run out of ideas, my sister and Casie, who were still with me, had been trying to decide if we should go to a big field we’d gone to in the summer. Then was like a sea of flowers and we were curious as to if it would be good for photos since the sun was starting to set, but weren’t sure it it would be worth it. We decided to go and on our way I said, “I think it’ll be dark by the time we get there, but oh well, we’ll go anyway.” I also said, as I was looking at the sky on the drive, “I wish the clouds would go away, they look kinda pink, it would be a nice sunset.” I did not have high hopes. But then we got there and it was very much worth it. And I was right about the sky.